Conference FAQs and Singapore Information

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We are sure you have lots of questions about the Conference, or about coming to Singapore.  

If you don't see what you are wondering about, do ask!


How do I Register? 

Arrival: Participants should aim to arrive on the 22 November before 5pm.  
Departure The 398.2 Storytelling Festival finishes at 6.30pm on the 25th, but delegates are free to leave at any time.
Airport transfer to/from the city is about   30 minutes (20 to/from Katong). Check-in/immigration is usually is very straightforward and allowing two-hours  lead time at the airport before take-off is ample.

How much is the Conference?
Asia based FEAST Members: SGD $80 
Non-members : SGD$150

How can I pay?  By credit card, debit card,  or PayPal.

What does the Conference fee include? 
  • Conference workshops (23rd)
  • lunch and 2 tea/coffee-breaks (23rd) 
  • A walking tour on the 23rd evening
  • A  programe of networking and discussions on the  24th afternoon. 
  • A story swap on the 24th evening
  • Entry  to the 398.2 Storytelling Festival on  Sunday 25th is free 
What is not included?
  • Opening Dinner (22nd) -     SGD $20
  • the workshops by Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald  (24th) - $40 each for FEAST members
  • Dinner on the 23rd
  • Lunch/dinner on the 24th

           Where is the Conference venue?   
At the Goodman Arts Centre (GAC), in the east of Singapore  (see map)
The campus is about 15 minutes by cab from the City Centre, 20 minutes from the Airport.

Where is the Conference Welcome Dinner venue?
381 Joo Chiat Road, #04-00 Lagun Sari Building, 427621
Tel: 6440 7274
See map

The Goodman Arts Centre 
is a 5-minute walk from MOUNTBATTEN MRT Station, or a one-stop bus-ride. There is a gate entrance from Mountbatten Road (for pedestrian access from MRT/bus-stop)

The MRT system
 is extensive (from Mountbatten it goes direct to Orchard Rd; one change to Little India, Singapore River, Chinatown). It's relatively cheap for a modern city: most one way fares fall in the $1 - 1.50 range. It is well signposted and most carriages have a moving LED display showing the Next Station name. Travel time is about 2 minutes/stop.   Map

 are cheap by western standards. Singapore taxi drives are overwhelmingly honest and are not out to cheat you!

is hugely popular (download the app). It's easy to use, provided you know your destination address: GOODMAN ARTS CENTRE is sufficient for the Conference. You can pay with cash or by card.

If you hold a passport from one of these countries, yes!  
  • People's Republic of China
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (Kazakhstan etc) 
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • Hong Kong ID
  • Macau Travel Permit
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Russia

Please note there was a story in the Straits Times (26/09/18) regarding a fake website pretending to be the Singapore visa website, so please use this link: 

Unfortunately, hotel prices in Singapore are high. We are recommending 3-star hotels in the SGD$80 - SGD$150 a night range. 
We have reserved some rooms at the YMCA Orchard Road. This is a convenient location, 5 minutes walk from Bras Brasah MRT station, which is 5 stops (about 12 minutes) from the Conference venue.  A special offer of $130 (including breakfast and taxes) per twin room per night.  If you are travelling alone and wish to share, we are happy to put you in contact with suitable fellow participants. 
We recommend hotels in KATONG.   It is a short bus-ride to the GAC (though there is a steep step - or long ramp) climb up to an overhead bridge to cross-over to the GAC (similar steps/ venue at ramp on the descent).  
Katong prices are more reasonable than in the City.  There are also diverse eating places with a range of styles of budgets.
Super Budget Option 
We recently found the SpacePod Hostel    
SpacePod Hostel  
 just across the road from Kallang MRT station ( 3 stops, a chang at  Paya Lebar and then 2 stops to Mountbatten MRT  conference venue at  Goodman Arts Centre. It got a great review for cleanliness and friendliness from a friend who stay there in September and  cost  was only SGD$116 for 4 nights including breakfast (as oF 30.9.18).  If this one is fully booked, there are lots of other capsule hostels to choose from. 

Food served at the conference will be halal with a good selection for vegetarians, (not vegans).

If you have special dietary concerns, please do contact us and we will endeavour to help.


Hearing-impaired: in Singapore we use American Sign (though not ASL). 
Please email before registering if you would like an interpreter present.  Gophi Nathan is an active  deaf teller/mime and would be happy to answer your questions.  We are unable to provide live captioning or subtitling.

thankfully there will be little use of powerpoint slides(!)  We can forward these to you before the Conference if that would help. We can arrange someone to audio describe the tellers' attire and appearance prior to a session.  Do let us know in advance how we can help you.

Mobility access
:  The Conference is lift accessible on the 3rd floor. All three rooms are on the same level, no steps. 
However, the venue for the FEAST Forum on the Saturday afternoon is on the 3rd floor in another block and there is no lift

(With price for 4 nights as of 30 September  2018)

Fragrance Hotel - Emerald  SGD$234.
Not in Katong but still close to the conference venue.

Champion Hotel   SGD$368

Venue Hotel The Lily   SGD$309 

Amber Hotel   SGD$380

Fragrance Hotel - Orchid   SGD$289

Holiday Inn Express Katong   SGD$513

Venue Hotel    SGD$309

Space Pod Hostel 
This is very close to  Kallang MRT station.

The Pod - Boutique Capsule Hotel SGD$227.  
The Pod is at Beach Rd which is more central than Katong

The Federation of Asian Storytellers Ltd is a non-profit company incorporated
in Singapore in June 2018.

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