Many Short Courses Make a Filling FEAST

   What's the Idea Behind Our Monthly On-line Programme?

What is a Feast Without Lots and Lots of Delicious Courses? 

Well, we hope to give you plenty to 'chew on' through this on-going series of sessions conducted by experienced members of FEAST. They will cover a wide variety of practical topics and aim to enhance your storytelling - and possibly encourage you to try something new!  Although we're connecting by web-cam, it's still a relatively intimate experience and you'll get to see a teller in (literal) close-up as they share their knowledge and experience.

We hope the webinar programme helps deepen your involvement with FEAST as it gives you something practical you can apply to your own telling.  

It will be a learning process for us too - not only in terms of how we deliver the content, but also how we schedule the programme: what days/times work best for you, our members?  

We've scheduled this programme to the end of 2018, but for 2019, please send us your ideas, suggestions or requests for topics that you'd like to see covered.  Perhaps you are interested in drawing stories, telling bi-lingually, stories for teenagers,  sharing personal stories, adding some magic ticks or using props or . . . 

Please email us with your suggestions!

What Happens in a Webinar?

One of our experienced members shares tips and techniques on a particular topic. As it is live video, you will  get to see and hear the presenter demonstrate a particular technique - for example, how to use puppets in your storytelling.  The assumption is that you are not a puppeteer, but you would like to have some ideas about how you could animate puppets more effectively, or ways that you could integrate puppets into your telling (using the puppet as your storytelling partner?) 

The presentation will usually take about 45 minutes, after which those who are watching on line can ask the presenter questions.

    Our Past Webinars 


 7 September 2018

Watch the story swap here


14 September 2018

Ariyo Faridh Zidni  guides you in fine tuning your vocal  skills with varied voice tones  to bring life to the different characters of a story. 

            MARKETING AND DEVELOPING                                      YOUR STORYTELLING BUSINESS               

8 October 2018

Four experienced professional storytellers share their experience of marketing their services as storytellers and developing a business. 

Hosted by Roger Jenkins (Singapore) and featuring:

  • Aparna Athreya (Bangalore, India)
  •  Deeptha Vivekanand (Chandigargh, India) 
  • Sheila Wee (Singapore)
  • Ariyo Faridh Zidni (Bogor, Indonesia)

17 December 2018 

Watch the story swap here


Telling With Puppets

18 January at 8pm (Singapore time)

Roger Jenkins demonstrates how to use puppets effectively in your storytelling. He encourages you to come online with a puppet because, after all, isn't it the puppet who needs the training more than you?! (the puppet joins for free!)

Using Storytelling to Support & Enrich Children’s Creative Writing

15 February at 8pm (Singapore time)

Many children enjoy listening to stories, telling stories, reading stories, but too few enjoy writing them. Discover how you can harness that enthusiasm for stories and channel it into creative writing.

In this webinar Sheila Wee will show how speaking, listening and reading activities can be woven into the writing process, to engage children in a holistic language learning environment that enhances children's creative writing.




How Do I Take Part?

  1. Register. There is a fee of SGD$5 (or SGD $10 for non-members).  You will receive a link to enable you to join the session at the time/day of the webinar.
  2. When you use the link, you will be prompted to download the Zoom video-conferencing software and install it.  This is very simple to do.  
  3. Make sure your webcam is connected. 
  4. When you open the programme, your screen will show the images of all the participants. You will be greeted by our Host who welcomes everyone as they join before introducing the Presenter.
  5. Do be punctual
  6. We strongly recommend you watch on a computer, not connecting by phone. 
  7. There is a chat button: at any time you can type in a question and submit it.  The host may draw the attention of the presenter to your question during the session or save it for the Q&A at the end.
What happens if I can't attend the session at that time? 
Don't worry! The session will be recorded and a link will be sent to all those who registered for the session, so you can    view it at a time that suits you! 

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